Past Gaming Projects


Due to my interest in the Vietnam War, I have a couple of things in 20mm (1/72) scale. I had plans for a Hue table, but this was never completed. These days, I would probably go for 6mm (1/285) scale instead for playing larger battles.



Wings at War – Thud Ridge is a game for air combat above Vietnam with 1/600 aircraft. I have sold my airplanes. Where I to return to gaming the air war above Vietnam, I’d probably go with Check our 6 – Jet Age and 1/300 scale planes instead.


I had a platoon of US and Vietcong each for Vietnam in 10mm scale using the Ambush Alley – Force on Force rules. The miniatures have been sold.


I heard about Heavy Gear on, after having started with Battletech. I thus ordered the rulebook in the USA. I now have an almost complete collection of 1st and 2nd edition books. I also collected the 1/87 gears, but sold them now to focus on other things.