Past Gaming Projects



I bought my first Star Wars miniatures (25mm West End Games, not the 28mm Wizards miniatures) in the USA in 1996. The WEG rules are quite slow. Now that Star Wars Legion has been released, this project has ended and the miniatures have been sold.


Due to my interest in the Vietnam War, I have a couple of things in 20mm (1/72) scale. I had plans for a Hue table, but this was never completed. These days, I would probably go for 6mm (1/285) scale instead for playing larger battles.



Wings at War – Thud Ridge is a game for air combat above Vietnam with 1/600 aircraft. I have sold my airplanes. Were I to return to gaming the air war above Vietnam, I’d probably go with Check our 6 – Jet Age and 1/300 scale planes instead.



I had a platoon of US and Vietcong each for Vietnam in 10mm scale using the Ambush Alley – Force on Force rules. The miniatures have been sold.



I heard about Heavy Gear on, after having started with Battletech. I thus ordered the rulebook in the USA. I had an almost complete collection of 1st and 2nd edition books. I also collected the 1/87 gears, but sold them and most of the books to focus on other things.