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How to make a TRX-4M charging cable

The Traxxas TRX-4M comes with a proprietary connector for its battery that plugs directly into the receiver/ESC and the supplied USB charger. This means that you cannot simply use another charger that you might already have. While the USB charger is certainly usable (much more so than the 12B charger […]

Building a Camel Trophy TRX-4M, part II: Parts

Body Getting a suitable body is easy – Traxxas sell not only painted bodies, but also a white body, including all accessory parts. This includes the roof rack, mirrors, fender flares, and even the jerry cans and jack that are mounted to the rear. The part number is 9712. You […]

Review: Traxxas TRX-4M Defender

Ever since my return to radio-controlled cars with the Slash, I knew that I wanted to have a crawler at some point. The issue here was that most of my RC driving takes place on vacation, with luggage space always at a premium, so a 1/10 scale crawler didn’t seem […]

Review: Traxxas 1/16 Slash

It’s been 30 years since I last owned a radio-controlled car, but now that the kids are old enough, I decided to buy one once again. While doing some research I quickly decided to buy a decent hobby-quality car (with good spare part availability) instead of a toy-grade car. My […]

Hobbyzone Champ

[lang_nl]Gedurende mijn zoektocht naar een modelvliegtuig om mee te beginnen kwam ik steeds de Hobbyzone Champ tegen. De Champ is een Ultra-Micro vliegtuig en weegt dus nog geen 40 gram, bij een spanwijdte van ong. 50cm. Hij vliegt zeer stabiel, goed getrimd vliegt ‘ie stabiel rechtuit, als je de oriëntatie […]

Free RC flight simulators

]Before buying and flying your first RC plane, I strongly recommend practicing with a computer simulator. A simulator will teach you the basic flight controls and getting used to the left/right inversion when the plane is flying towards you. Judging distances and where the plane is with regard to the […]

Modelvliegen in de 21e eeuw | Modellflug im 21. Jahrhundert | RC Flying in the 21st century

[lang_nl]Toen in in de jaren 90 voor het interesse had in modelvliegen betekende dit grote vliegtuigen van balsahout, brandstofmotoren en dure elektronica.  Daardoor was het niet makkelijk of goedkoop om met deze hobby te beginnen en heb ik het uiteindelijk ook niet gedaan. Sindsdien zijn een aantal dingen veranderd: LiPo […]