Cars of Interest

My interest in cars goes back to my earliest childhood. Initially, I was mostly interested in whatever car (brand) my others drove, but during the last 15 years my taste has developed more towards Youngtimers and Oldtimers. Modern cars, being close to perfection with all their driving aids, safety features, and comfort, are great for everyday commutes and long-distance driving, but remove the driver from the actual driving experience. Older cars are different, they involve the driver much more.

I want to showcase (bit by bit, this will be an ongoing project) cars that I find interesting, from the 1950s to what be can called a Youngtimer (here in the Netherlands, 15 years is often considered the age at which a car turns into a Youngtimer, with 25 years being the Oldtimer age). My general preference is for sporty two-door cars with roof (I’m not a convertible guy), front-engined with rear-wheel drive, but I must admit that I have also been ruined somewhat by driving a BMW 5 series in that I enjoy the comfort of a big sedan. A general requirement of a sporty car would be for me a power to weight ratio of less than 10kg per hp and a 0-100kph time of less than 10 seconds. I also have a special interest for cars with a link to motor sports, i.e. cars that served as base model for a race or rallye car.

On this page, cars are sorted by the decade in which they were first made available for sale.

All images are sourced from Wikipedia.