28mm buildings for Hué

Most Vietnam wargaming focuses on fighting in the countryside, usually jungle or rice paddies. This means that there is a very limited number of buildings for sale that is suitable for Hué. But what is a suitable building? Many buildings, especially in the part south of the Perfume river, where […]

28mm Vietnam miniatures

I’m once again in the planning stages of a Vietnam wargaming project. After previous attempts in 10mm and 20mm, I’ve now decided to go for 28mm. There’s just so much more detail on the miniatures that for Skirmish games, I now consider 28mm the way to go. It’s thus time […]

The 13th Valley

Disclaimer: I read this book in the Dutch translation The 13th Valley by John Del Vecchio has been called the classic Vietnam novel. Other classic books (e.g. Dispatches by Michael Herr, The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brian, Chickenhawk by Robert Mason) were first-hand accounts, although O’Brian often crosses the […]

Street without Joy

In Street without Joy, Bernard Fall describes and analyses France’s failure in the First Indochina War, focusing on the second half (1950-1954). Based on his personal experiences and thorough research both in French and Vietnamese archives (he met and interviewed Ho Chi Minh during one of his visits to North […]

More Vietnam

My 10mm Vietnam project is partly completed – all troops are painted. Terrain consists of a few hooches, some terrain features by TimeCast Models, and some home-made trees. Two test games using the Ambush Valley rules for Force on Force showed that 10mm works great for skirmish gaming. Future additions […]

10mm Vietnam miniatures painted

I’m done painting up my first batch of 10mm Vietnam miniatures. They consist of a platoon of US forces, a platoon (one might call it a company) of Viet Cong, including some heavy weapons, and a couple of civilians with water buffalos. The US platoon consists of: A four-man platoon […]

10mm Vietnam miniatures arrive

I have received my first small order from Pendraken, five packs of Vietnam War miniatures: V4, Rifleman running, M16 bush hat. I ordered these to see what the Pendraken US infantry looks like. Although nice sculpts, the barrels are too short. These miniatures wear the butt-pack. I will modify them […]