Free aeronautical charts for flight simulators

I’ve recently started using MSFS 2020 (review here), and while VFR roaming the beautiful scenery is fun, my true love is instrument flying and following official procedures. Here both the realism and the understanding of real procedures can be greatly improved by using real aviation charts. Here are some free […]

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 review

I’m a long-time Microsoft Flight Simulator user. I started with 4.0. Back then scenery was extremely limited, so you were mostly limited to instrument flying – which I learned to love, to the point that when we had to give a presentation at school, my talk was about aircraft navigation. […]

Review: The Age of Airpower

In The Age of Airpower, Martin van Creveld writes about the history and development of airpower. The book is divided into five parts: The beginnings, World War II, the Cold War, smaller wars from 1945 on, and what he calls “war amongst the people”, i.e. counterinsurgency warfare. As such, it […]

Luchtmachtdagen 2010

Foto’s van de Luchtmachtdagen op 18 juni 2010 te Gilze-Rijen. Helaas was het weer niet zo geweldig, waardoor ook het fotograferen moeilijk was. Bijna alle foto’s op ISO800 om ook bij f8 een korte sluitertijd mogelijk te maken. En je kunt nooit genoeg millimeters hebben… In dit geval Nikon D90 […]

Soviet aircraft of World War II

This is an overview of the most important Soviet aircraft of WW II. Fighters At the start of the war with Germany, the Polikarpov I-16 was the most numerous fighter. It was armed with two 7.62mm MGs and two 20mm cannons, at lower altitudes it performed equal to the Bf109E. […]