Mercedes W211 OEM wheels

Default wheels The W211 E-class came in three trim levels: Classic, Elegance, and Avantgarde. All came from the factory with alloy wheels of different styles, which were changed with the facelift. 16″ was standard. Pre-facelift:  Classic : 7-hole design Elegance: 13-hole design, a reinterpretation of the classic “manhole cover” wheels […]

Buying a Mercedes-Benz W211 E-Class

Why? I’m a pretty devoted BMW driver and I love the E39 530i that I’ve driven for almost four years. But at 21 years old and 340,000km on the odometer, it was developing some minor if annoying issues like doors and windows not opening and closing properly. Given that I […]

How to make a TRX-4M charging cable

The Traxxas TRX-4M comes with a proprietary connector for its battery that plugs directly into the receiver/ESC and the supplied USB charger. This means that you cannot simply use another charger that you might already have. While the USB charger is certainly usable (much more so than the 12B charger […]

Building a Camel Trophy TRX-4M, part V: decals, tires, wheels, and accessories

The final steps in my Camel Trophy build are applying the decals, mounting new tires and wheels and the accessories. My decal sheet is from an eBay seller called screenprintdigital. Unfortunately the largest Camel Trophy logos, suitable for the doors, also had the Team Germany text below them. I careful […]

Building a Camel Trophy TRX-4M, part IV: 3D printing

While there’s a huge aftermarket for TRX-4M parts, some things aren’t available, or it’s just easier and cheaper to 3D print them. I bought a Prusa Mk. 2S six years ago, and while I don’t use it daily, this project once again showed me why I wouldn’t want to be […]

Building a Camel Trophy TRX-4M, part III: Painting and building the body

I used a spray can of Tamiya TS-34 “Camel Yellow” to paint the unpainted white Traxxas Defender body. I first cleaned the body with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA). When using spray paint it’s important to use multiple thin coats, instead of trying to get good coverage in one go – this […]

Building a Camel Trophy TRX-4M, part II: Parts

Body Getting a suitable body is easy – Traxxas sell not only painted bodies, but also a white body, including all accessory parts. This includes the roof rack, mirrors, fender flares, and even the jerry cans and jack that are mounted to the rear. The part number is 9712. You […]

Building a Camel Trophy TRX-4M, part I: Research

One of the most enjoyable parts of a new project is to me the associated research. There’s nothing wrong with slapping some Camel Yellow paint on a Defender body and adding some stickers, but I wanted to be a bit closer to the look of cars that were actually used […]

Review: Traxxas TRX-4M Defender

Ever since my return to radio-controlled cars with the Slash, I knew that I wanted to have a crawler at some point. The issue here was that most of my RC driving takes place on vacation, with luggage space always at a premium, so a 1/10 scale crawler didn’t seem […]

Porsche 911 (997) colors

This compilation of Porsche 997 colors is based on price lists that I have found on the Internet. I’ve only looked at the Carrera colors, there might have been other color choices for other models. Interior The early 997.1 could be had with five different interior colors: Black, Stone Grey, […]

Porsche 911 (997)

History Porsche’s introduction of the second-generation water-cooled 911 with model 997 in 2004 marked a return to the familiar round headlights – not unsurprising given all the hate that the 996 received for its “fried egg” headlights. Underneath though the changes were small. The engine, while carrying a new code […]

A closer look at the PRS model range

I’ve taken a brief look at the PRS guitar range in the post about my CE 24, but here’s a closer look at the various models. The PRS model range is divided into four ranges: SE are the entry-level models built in Indonesia, including hardware and pickups built there. Non-locking […]