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Star Wars Legion online resources

After a two-year hiatus due to Covid, l’m finally getting back into Star Wars Legion. I’ve started painting miniatures again and I’m making plans for more terrain. I’ve got enough terrain for a Mos Eisley-style table and an Urban table (with terrain that I also use for Infinity), but I […]

Review: Catalyst, a Rogue One story

Catalyst, by James Luceno, is the companion novel to Rogue One, the first standalone movie in the Star Wars franchise. Lucasfilm/Disney seem to have settled on providing more background by the means of novels. It has been done for The Force Awakens and the Rebels TV show before. Catalyst tells […]

X-Wing online resources

Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing miniatures game has attracted a large following within a short time. This has, of course, led to plenty of coverage on the world wide web, too. This post lists sites and forums I have stumbled across. Information Official product site with rules (including tournament rules) and […]

X-Wing repaints and modifications

While the miniatures for Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing game come prepainted (well), there’s always room for improvement. I’ve painted engine glow where appropriate, to make it look like those engines are actually powered up. Some people even do LED modifications on the larger ships! As shown elsewhere, I converted my […]

B-Wing modified

The only must-have ship in wave 3 of FFG’s X-Wing game was, to me, the B-Wing. I ordered one as soon as it was available, and it’s a cool-looking miniature and a nice addition to my Rebel fleet. I didn’t like the upright pose, though (the B-Wing is usually displayed […]

Star Wars: X-Wing

Playing the X-Wing miniatures game has re-kindled my interest in Star Wars. I have not only started working on new miniatures and terrain for Star Wars Miniatures Battles, but also decided to read Michael Stackpole’s Star Wars: X-Wing books. Of the nine original books, the first four (Rogue Squadron, Wedge’s […]

Thrawn trilogy revisited

The Star Wars universe was somewhat dormant in the early 1990s. It had been eight years since Return of the Jedi, with new material being mostly limited to the source books published by West End Games for the Star Wars roleplaying game. Then, in 1991, came Heir to the Empire, […]

Meer van alles | Mehr von allem | More of everything

[lang_nl]Ook dit keer heb ik weer een mengelmoes van verschillende miniaturen te presenteren: Warhammer, Thunderbolt en Archer voor de Arkab Legion Black Knight, Rommel/Patton en Striker in Hinterhalt camouflage Rommel/Patton en Striker in het groen Chameleon Heavy Gear Imperial Navy Troopers met Heavy Repeating Blaster Twee 1/6000 schepen: Essex class […]