Cold War

My Bundeswehr army (2016)

I have made slow but steady progress on my Bundeswehr army since my last summary post. This is the current order of battle: I consider the three combat platoons complete at this point. There are a couple of possible additions to the support units that I will pursue at low […]


The last post about my Bundeswehr Cold War Army is 2 years old, but I’ve added some more stuff in the meantime: Panzerschnellbrücke Biber (Revell), Beobachtungspanzer M113 (Hobby Den), and a Panzermörser 120mm (Italeri conversion). Finally two M113 variants, few Cold War NATO armies can do without them. I’m currently […]

My Bundeswehr army

My 20mm (1/72) Bundeswehr Cold War army has reached an intermediate goal: I have finished a mixed company-sized armored force, consisting of the following: Panzerzug, 4x Leopard 2 A4 (Revell) Panzergrenadierzug, 3x Marder A2 (Revell, modified) with Elhiem infantry Panzeraufklärungszug, Leopard 1 A4 (ESCI) & Luchs (Revell) Unterstützungszug Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer Gepard […]

The battle of Burgdorf

I recently pitted my German forces against Rutger‘s Russians. The Russian forces consisted of a full company of T-72s, a couple of BMPs, a recce platoon with two T-80s and a BRDM-3, and air defense assets. My German forces were composed of a full platoon each of Leopard 2s and […]


No German Cold War army is complete without a Panzerabwehrhubschrauber 1 for some air support. While Revell had offerings in 1/32 and 1/48 scale, the only 1/72 kit of the MBB Bo 105 is by Airfix and long out of production. Luckily, I managed to find one on ebay, complete […]

Red Storm Rising at Crisis 2012

At Crisis 2012 in Antwerp, Rutger and I ran a Cold War participation game called Red Storm Rising. A small American force, part of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, was tasked with stopping a larger Soviet force. We played with a modified version of Rapid Fire! Unfortunately, the Soviets won […]

The Hot War is on!

My Hot War project has made considerable progress. US forces now consist of four M1 Abrams, two M3 Bradley, an M60A3 TTS, and several fireteams of infantry. West German forces are two Leopard 2 A4, two Marder 1 A2, a Fuchs, a MAN 7t gl, and 24 infantrymen. Both forces […]

Hot War Project | Hot War Projekt | Hot War Project

[lang_de]Hot War ist mein achtziger Jahre “heisser kalter Krieg” Projekt im 1:72 oder 20mm Maßstab, für die Force on Force Regeln von Osprey und Ambush Alley Games. Ich will Streitkräfte und Gelände für die “Fulda Gap” im Jahr 1986 aufbauen, aber alles wird allgemein genug sein um es auch für […]