Raspberry Pi

CEC on the Raspberry Pi

My Raspberry Pi is hooked up to my AV Receiver using the HDMI port. My AV Receiver sits behind a cabinet door, so it cannot be controlled directly using the remote unless I open the door. This is not an issue when watching TV, as TV and AVR communicate using […]

Playlists in Pi Musicbox

Pi Musicbox has no built-in functionality for creating playlists for local music files that are located on the SD card or a USB drive. Playlists (m3u files) need to be located (by default at least, this can be changed in settings.ini) in /var/lib/mopidy/playlists. Filenames must be absolute of course. I […]

Pi Musicbox – First steps

After downloading Pi Musicbox from the website, follow one of the tutorials for writing the image to an SD card. If you want to change settings before first booting up, you can do so under Windows by editing settings.ini in the config folder. If you plan on running headless (i.e. […]

Betaalbaar Audio/Video systeem deel 3 – Streaming

CDs en andere fysieke media zijn niet meer de belangrijkste bron van muziek. Alles draait tegenwoordig, ook in de Hi-Fi wereld, om streaming: Internetradio, Spotify, het afspelen van muziek van netwerkschijven. Ook de traditionele Hi-Fi merken hebben dit begrepen en spelen in op deze trend door streaming-spelers of door deze […]