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Aircraft for Wings at War – Thud Ridge

This post lists the aircraft that can be used when playing with the Wings at War – Thud Ridge rules. I have separated the US listing for Operation Rolling Thunder and Operation Linebacker. I also distinguish between US Air Force and US Navy. US Marine Corps aircraft are not listed, […]

British aircraft of WW II

This is an overview of the most important British aircraft of WW II. Fighters The Hawker Hurricane was the most numerous British fighter at the start of the war. In total, 14,000 were built. During the Battle of Britain, it scored more kills than the Spitfire. The Mk I was […]

Wings at War – Thud Ridge

I have previously mentioned the Wings at War rules for air gaming. The free rules convinced me to order the Thud Ridge starter set from Tumbling Dice, plus a couple of extra aircraft. A mere five days later, my order arrived in the mailbox. The Vietnam rules are very similar […]