28mm Vietnam miniatures

I’m once again in the planning stages of a Vietnam wargaming project. After previous attempts in 10mm and 20mm, I’ve now decided to go for 28mm. There’s just so much more detail on the miniatures that for Skirmish games, I now consider 28mm the way to go. It’s thus time to take a look at the miniatures that are available in this scale.

Gringo 40s

The newest Vietnam range out there, and probably the best looking, too. The current releases are inspired by the Battle of Hué in 1968, and thus consist of Marines and North Vietnamese Army. Great miniatures, sold individually at a fair price. They currently also sell two vehicles, the Mechanical Mule with recoilless rifle, and the M151 MUTT.


Empress are known for the Ultra-Modern miniatures, but they also sell a range of Vietnam miniatures. Besides a range for the French war, there’s a few animals and carts. The US war releases also aim at Hué and thus consist of Marines and NVA. Empress also sells a number of vehicles, including the M48 Patton, the M113, and the Ontos. Sold in packs of 4, Empress makes very nice miniatures that should mix well with the Gringo 40s miniatures.

The Assault Group

The Tag Up Country range has been out for quite a while. The miniatures a more gamey than those by the two previous manufacturers, more beefy and with oversized weapons, But the miniatures have character and the range is extensive – there’s US Army, US Special Forces, VNA, Viet Cong, and even ANZACs. TAG also sell a very affordable M113 in standard and ACAV version. Infantry are sold in sets of four.


An older range, scale is closer to 25mm than 28mm. Miniatures are mostly sold in larger packs. Most interesting is probably their Vietnamese civilians set, something that is sorely missing from other manufacturers.


Mostly ANZAC troops, as one would expect from an Australian manufacturer. They also sell an M113. Probably a good choice if you want to go ANZAC.

Parkfield Miniatures

US, NVA, and VC, sold individually. Quite cheap, but not as nice as Gringo 40s and Empress

Full Metal Miniatures

Another recent range, if I’m not mistaken. Hué-style Marines, and (currently) very small ranges of NVA and VC troops, all mostly sold in sets of four. Also available are riverine craft, a number of vehicles (including the M42 Duster, and a Centurion for the ANZAC lovers), and a few Civilians.


If you want to do Hué, like me, there’s a lot of choice: Gringo 40s, Empress, and Full Metal Miniatures. If you want to go US Army (i.e. no flak vests) and VC, there’s less choice, and TAG might be your best option. Most vehicles are available, but there’s a distinct lack of civilians. For helicopters, you need to look for 1/48 scale model kits.

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