I have made slow but steady progress on my Bundeswehr army since my last summary post. This is the current order of battle: I consider the three combat platoons complete at this point. There are a couple of possible additions to the support units that I will pursue at low […]

My Bundeswehr army (2016)

Part 1 about preparation and list building can be found here. The Regional I attended was held at Wyvern’s Keep in Delft, which is the newest game store in the The Hague/Rotterdam area. It was the first time I went to a tournament there. It was the first Regional announced, […]

Regionals 2016, part 2: game day

Like last year, I knew that I would be able to attend only one X-Wing regional. Naturally, I wanted to get the most out of that experience. I did not play in a Store Championship, since our son was born in Store Championship season, the tournament kit was unattractive to […]

Regionals 2016, part 1: preparation

My Raspberry Pi is hooked up to my AV Receiver using the HDMI port. My AV Receiver sits behind a cabinet door, so it cannot be controlled directly using the remote unless I open the door. This is not an issue when watching TV, as TV and AVR communicate using […]

CEC on the Raspberry Pi

Pi Musicbox has no built-in functionality for creating playlists for local music files that are located on the SD card or a USB drive. Playlists (m3u files) need to be located (by default at least, this can be changed in settings.ini) in /var/lib/mopidy/playlists. Filenames must be absolute of course. I […]

Playlists in Pi Musicbox

After downloading Pi Musicbox from the website, follow one of the tutorials for writing the image to an SD card. If you want to change settings before first booting up, you can do so under Windows by editing settings.ini in the config folder. If you plan on running headless (i.e. […]

Pi Musicbox – First steps

CDs en andere fysieke media zijn niet meer de belangrijkste bron van muziek. Alles draait tegenwoordig, ook in de Hi-Fi wereld, om streaming: Internetradio, Spotify, het afspelen van muziek van netwerkschijven. Ook de traditionele Hi-Fi merken hebben dit begrepen en spelen in op deze trend door streaming-spelers of door deze […]

Betaalbaar Audio/Video systeem deel 3 – Streaming

Moderne TVs zien er prachtig uit met hun smalle omlijsting, maar dit eist zijn tol – voor speakers is er alleen nog maar ruimte aan de achterkant, het resulterende geluid is blikkerig en de bas is ver te zoeken. Externe speaker zijn dus een must. Hiervoor waren er bij ons […]

Betaalbaar Audio/Video systeem deel 2 – Receiver

Na 9 jaar werd het weleens tijd onze televisie te vervangen. In de oude woning was 32″ prima, maar in de huidige woonkamer met een grotere kijkafstand toch een beetje klein. Ook was het nog een HD Ready model (720p dus), geen 1920 x 1080 Full HD. Op zoek dus […]

Betaalbaar Audio/Video systeem deel 1 – TV

The last post about my Bundeswehr Cold War Army is 2 years old, but I’ve added some more stuff in the meantime: Panzerschnellbrücke Biber (Revell), Beobachtungspanzer M113 (Hobby Den), and a Panzermörser 120mm (Italeri conversion). Finally two M113 variants, few Cold War NATO armies can do without them. I’m currently […]


Black Ops is an interesting addition to the Osprey Wargames series. It aims at wargaming, as the name implies, “Black Operations”. At its base is a simple D6-driven system. Character abilities (essentially attack, close combat, morale, defense) are target numbers for D6 rolls, with a few simple modifiers to the […]

Black Ops

This is a report of the Winter kit tournament run by Subcultures in Utrecht on November 19th. It was a 16-player four-round tournament, with rounds limited to 60 minutes due to the time of day (the tournament started at 7pm, with people fighting evening rush hour to get there in […]

Winter tournament report