No German Cold War army is complete without a Panzerabwehrhubschrauber 1 for some air support. While Revell had offerings in 1/32 and 1/48 scale, the only 1/72 kit of the MBB Bo 105 is by Airfix and long out of production. Luckily, I managed to find one on ebay, complete including the box, which still had the price tag on it: 49p. Quite an old kit, I won’t try to use the decals…

The Airfix kit is not of an PAH-1, but of a standard Bo 105 as used as Verbindungshelikopter, i.e. liaison/light transport helicopter. I made the following changes:

  • Crew by SHQ since the kit comes with only a single pilot.
  • HOT launchers, built from a paper clip bent to shape and missiles made from Q-Tips.
  • Aiming system made from plasticard.

The resulting helicopter was painted with Vallejo Medium Olive and Vallejo German Grey. It attaches to the magnet on the flight stand via a flat-head screw. A very nice addition to my Bundeswehr army!