The battle of Burgdorf

I recently pitted my German forces against Rutger‘s Russians. The Russian forces consisted of a full company of T-72s, a couple of BMPs, a recce platoon with two T-80s and a BRDM-3, and air defense assets. My German forces were composed of a full platoon each of Leopard 2s and Marders and a Gepard for air defense.

The Russian goal was to cross the table and secure the village to enable further advance. My goal was, of course, to stop them. I placed three Leos and two Milan teams with their Marder battle taxis in concealment near the center of the table and kept the remainder as reserve in the village. The first rounds of fire went quite well for me, I managed to take out a couple of T-72s and escape with the Milan teams while losing only one Leo 2. My PAH-1 also damaged a T-72 before being driven off by a Shilka. Rutger’s Hind was shot down by the Gepard.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t stem the Red Tide forever, with two Leos first taking heavy damage and then being destroyed in the village. One of the Marders also bought the farm. The final Leo survived point-blank combat with several enemies. In the end, we both lost 75% of our tanks, but the Soviet infantry occupied the village. Let’s call it a minor Soviet victory…