Porsche 911 (early model, 1963-1973)


The Porsche 911 was presented in 1963, originally as 901, as successor to the Porsche 356. It was powered by a 2.0l flat-six engine that developed 130 HP. The 160 HP 911S was added in 1967, with the Targa model (removable roof panel) following in the same year. 1967 also saw the addition of the 110 HP 911T entry-level model, with the mid-range model now being called 911L. These early short wheelbase models are known as A and B models.

In 1969, the wheelbase was lengthened to improve handling and the mid-range model was renamed 911E. In 1970, engine displacement was increased to 2.2l, with power ratings increasing to 125, 155, and 180 HP for the three different models (referred to as C and D models). In 1972, engine displacement was further increased to 2.4l with power increase to 130/165/190 HP (E and F models). In 1973, the famous 2.7l Carrera RS with 210 HP was added as base model for racing.

In 1974, the early model was replaced by the G model.


While the horsepower figures, especially of the early and T models, may not sound like much, it needs to be taken into account that the early 911 was a lightweight car, weighing in at barely above 1,000kg. This has led to the saying that “Porsche HP count twice”, since the cars’ light weight compensates for the power. This light weight also means that the more powerful cards (S and especially RS) are seriously quick cars. German Wikipedia lists 0-100kph times of 7.5s and a top speed of 230kph for the 2.4S model.

The short wheelbase cars have a reputation for difficult handling, but much of this seems to be solved with modern rubber. Having had the pleasure to drive an RS once, I can say that the cars feel nimble, and visibility is great (like in most older cars).


It’s the classic 911, one of the all-time greatest sports cars.


$$$ – prices have increased to crazy levels in the last couple of years. I’m not sure I would we willing to buy an early 911 at current prices, even if I had the money. I would hope for prices to come down again, but you never know if that is actually going to happen.

My pick

2.4S in Blutorange. All my car desires would be fulfilled.

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