The 530i: Fixing the sunscreen

My 530i is equipped with roll-up sunscreens, consisting of an electric sunscreen for the rear window and manual sunscreens for the rear door windows. These consist of two parts, a vertically moving part for the main window and a horizontally moving part for the small triangular window. The latter wouldn’t roll up on the left side. As a new one is €270 at the time of writing, I decided to try to fix it.

The sunscreen is removed by inserting something pointy like a small screwdriver through a hole at the top of the screen housing and pushing up on the metal clip that holds it in place. With the housing detached, the culprit became obvious: a cracked housing hat let the sunscreen unwind:

The solution: Glueing things back together. Injection-moulded plastic can be very difficult to glue, but there was enough surface here, so I applied some two-component glue. After the glue had set, I could roll up the sunscreen once again. A simple fix that took about 10 minuted of my time and saved me €270.

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