Fender American Professional II Stratocaster

In late 2020, Fender introduced the American Professional II Stratocaster as successor to the American Professional, the mid-range US model. As usual, the changes are evolutionary. There are new pickups (V-Mod II), a new cold-rolled steel vibrato block, and a sculpted neck heel (like the Deluxe/Elite/Ultra). Also new is the addition of roasted pine as body wood for some colors. Street prices are around €1,700. Also available is an HSS and a left-hand model.

There a new colors, too. The color choices are 3-tone sunburst, Black, Dark Night (a very nice dark blue/black reverse burst), Mercury, Miami Blue (my favourite), Mystic Surf Green, Olympic White, Roasted Pine, and Sienna Sunburst. Fretboards are maple or rosewood, with not all colors available with both.

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