Guitar Straps

Looking for a guitar strap? There’s a huge selection out there, here are some manufacturers with a decent amount of options. There are in fact so many options that it’s almost impossible to view them all, and it shouldn’t be too difficult to find something you like.


If you play a Fender, you might want to own a matching strap. Fender actually has quite a large range. Most famous are probably the “Monogrammed” straps with Fender logo and Strat headstock. These were once included with the more expensive guitars and are available in several colors. A recent addition are the Ombré straps that match the color gradient of the Player Plus Stratocasters – and if you bought the Rocky Strat, there’s a matching strap for that one, too. The Pasadena range has several nice woven designs. But there’s leather and vintage models, too, so chances are good that Fender has something that tickles your fancy.


Gibson has a small range of more vintage-style Jacquard and leather straps.

Jim Dunlop

Dunlop has a huge range of straps. As they have a license for Hendrix products, this includes a number of Hendrix-themed straps. But there’s Jacquard, art prints, leather, and simpler seatbelt straps, too, so almost everyone should be able to find something here.

Ernie Ball

While Ernie Ball are best known for their strings, they have quite an extensive range of accessories, too, including straps. There are many options in the Jacquard range, but they also make leather straps and some nice single-color ones.


The other big string maker also sells guitar straps. They have Beatles and Joe Satriani signature straps, and plenty of choices with skulls. But there are nice models with prints or weaves, too.



Gaucho is a brand of a Dutch distributor, but they should be available all over Europe. The range is huge, with many (fake) leather straps. The Icon range has some nice and indeed iconic designs such as chains and flames. The Traditional range has many Jacquard designs.


Souldier is an American company with a large range. They also offer custom straps, where you can choose the combination of design, material, and hardware. The range of woven designs is huge – Porsche drivers can get a Houndstooth design strap for their PRS that matches the seat fabric of some 911 models. They even make camera straps with the same designs, so you can get matching camera and guitar straps.

Righton! Straps

Righton! is a Spanish company. Their extensive strap range is split into several series by price point. This includes several straps inspired by those used by famous artists in the past. Another huge range with many nice designs, including embossed leather.

Levy’s Leathers

Levy’s is part of Gator, known for their bags and cases. As the name implies they have mostly leather straps, but some Jacquard designs and many prints as well.


Finally, Richter is a German brand. They have quite an impressive array of signature artists, mostly on the Metal side of things. They also have a custom shop for custom lettering and prints. The range consists of leather and vegan (fake leather) straps, plus a few Jacquard designs. There are many options with regard to shape, material, color, stitching, and hardware – so if you’re looking for a leather strap, Richter should have you covered.

Strap locks

If you want to remove the strap from the guitar when not playing (and I’ve read a notice from at least one guitar manufacturer that leather straps should not be in continuous contact with nitro lacquer), by far the easiest and most secure method is to use strap locks. There are several similar versions out there. I use the Schaller S-Locks, which are available in eight different colors. All parts can be bought individually, so you can get only the locks for an additional strap, or the buttons if you buy a new guitar but no new strap.

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