US forces in Vietnam

I have assembled some general information about the organisation of US forces in Vietnam. Please note that these varied greatly in the field, and companies were generally understrength, with 60 soldiers or less being no exception.

US Army

Rifle Companyinf

  • HQ (Captain, Lieutenant, 11 enlisted)
  • 3 Rifle Platoons
    • HQ (Lieutenant, Platoon Sergeant, RTO)
    • 3 Rifle Squads (Squad Leader, 2 Team Leaders, 5 Riflemen, 2 Grenadiers)
    • Weapons Squad (Squad Leader, 3 M60 gunners, 7 assistant gunners & ammo bearers)
  • Weapons Platoon (3 81mm mortars, 2 recoilless rifles)

Medics were assigned to the Battalion, with usually one medic then assigned to each platoon. Weapons platoons were essentially immobile without vehicles and thus assigned to base defense.
Source: elevenbravo

Air Cavalry Troopaircav

  • HQ
  • Aero-Weapons Platoon ‘Red’, 11 AH-1G or UH-1B/C
  • Aero-Scout Platoon ‘White’, 10 OH-6
  • Aero-Rifle Platoon ‘Blue’
    • HQ (Captain, Platoon Sergeant, Medic, 2 RTO)
    • 3 Squads (Squad Leader, 2 Team Leaders, RTO, 2 Grenadiers, 2 Riflemen, 2 M60 gunners, 2 assistant gunners)
  • Lift Platoon, 5 UH-1D/H

Source: elevenbravo

Armored Cavalry Trooparmcav

  • HQ (HQ M113, communication M113, 2 Radar M113)
  • 3 Platoons
    • HQ (M113)
    • Scout Section (4 M113)
    • Infantry (M113, infantry squad of eight soldiers incl. 2 grenadiers and 1 M60)
    • Mortar (M106 or M125)
    • Tank section (3 M48)

If available, M113 ACAVs were used. The infantry squad was usually spread out amongst the troop.

Source: elevenbravo

US Marine Corps

Rifle Companymarines

  • HQ (Captain, Lieutenant, 7 enlisted)
  • 3 Rifle Platoons
    • HQ (2nd Lieutenant, Platoon Sergeant, 2 Medics, RTO, Right Guide)
    • 3 Rifle Squads (Squad Leader, Grenadier, 3 Fireteams consisting of Fireteam Leader, 2 Riflemen, Automatic Rifleman)
  • Weapons Platoon (3 81mm mortars, 6 AT weapons, 6 M60)

Marines used the M-14 instead of the M16 prior to 1968.
The Automatic Rifleman carried an M-14 with bipod, essentially a SAW. It was often retained even after the switch to the M-16.
AT and MG teams were usually distributed among the rifle platoons.
Source: elevenbravo

Example platoon composition for gaming purposes

  • HQ (Lieutenant, Platoon Sergeant, RTO, medic)
  • 2 or 3 Squads, each consisting of:
    • Squad Leader
    • 2 fireteams (fireteam leader, grenadier, 2 riflemen)
    • 1 MG team (M60 gunner, assistant gunner)

Several LAWs would be distributed among the platoon members. A platoon composed like this would be generic enough to serve for all three companies mentioned above. Note that the Marines wore flak vests much more regularly than the army and used the M-14 prior to 1968.

A cavalry platoon would consist of six M113s, one mortar carrier, and three M48s. For gaming purposes dropping an M48 and one or more M113s is definitely an option. The infantry could be composed of squad leader, one fireteam, and an MG team as above.