10mm Vietnam miniatures painted

I’m done painting up my first batch of 10mm Vietnam miniatures. They consist of a platoon of US forces, a platoon (one might call it a company) of Viet Cong, including some heavy weapons, and a couple of civilians with water buffalos. The US platoon consists of:

  • A four-man platoon HQ. The lieutenant carries a camera, the sergeant is recognisable by his M14. I also converted one guy into an RTO (radio on the back) and another into a medic (removed rifle, bag added).
  • Two nine-man squads, each consisting of a squad leader and two four-man fireteams. One M79 grenadier per fireteam, the others carry M16s.
  • Two M60 gunners and two snipers with scopes added to the M14s.

US forces also include an M113 ACAV. I went for a varied non-uniform look on my 32 Viet Cong soldiers.

I still have a short-bodied Huey left to paint that first needs to be converted into a gunship. I also have a couple of LRRP soldiers, more civilians and VC/NVA heavy weapons that need paint, but terrain building will come first.