USAAF aircraft of World War II

This is an overview of the most important aircraft of the United States Army Air Force (USAAF) during World War II. Fighters The Lockheed P-38 Lightning was used throughout the USA’s involvement in WWII. While it was used in the Mediterranean and Europe, even as fighter bomber, it was most […]

British aircraft of WW II

This is an overview of the most important British aircraft of WW II. Fighters The Hawker Hurricane was the most numerous British fighter at the start of the war. In total, 14,000 were built. During the Battle of Britain, it scored more kills than the Spitfire. The Mk I was […]

German aircraft of WW II

A large number of aircraft was used by all forces in World War II. I will try to assemble overviews of the most important aircraft used in WW II. Due to the large number of models used, I will only mention those that were produced in significant numbers and were […]

Helicopters of the Vietnam War 1

While helicopters were used during the Korean War, it wasn’t until the Vietnam War that their full potential was used. Observation, transport, and attack duties were fulfilled by many different models. This post tries to list the most important choppers. The Bell UH-1 Iroquois, better known as Huey, is the […]

US aircraft carriers in the Vietnam War 38

This is an overview of US aircraft carriers serving in the Vietnam war. Carriers were assigned to the western Pacific, and during each cruise spent several periods on “Yankee station” in the gulf of Tonkin. Short periods of rest were in Japan, Hong Kong, or the Philippines. While all carriers […]

The coming of the Third Reich

I have recently finished reading The coming of the Third Reich by Richard J. Evans. The book is the first in a trilogy covering the rise and and fall of the Third Reich. This first book covers the period from 1871 (the beginning of the second German empire) to the […]

Intelligence in War

I have just finished reading Intelligence in War by John Keegan. The book covers the effect of intelligence on warfare from Napoleonic times to today. This is achieved by covering a number of campaigns that serve as an example: Nelson’s pursuit of the French fleet in the Mediterranean Stonewall Jackson’s […]

Aircraft of the Vietnam War 3

This post provides an overview of the most important fixed-wing aircraft used during the Vietnam War, aimed at the wargamer. These are the aircraft likely to be employed during games. US Navy The US Navy used two fighters during the war. The missile-carrying McDonnell F-4 Phantom II was the most […]

Interessante oorlogen, regels en miniaturen | Interessante Kriege, Regeln und Miniaturen | Interesting wars, rules, and miniatures

[lang_nl]Naast een lijst van interessante oorlogen in het algemeen heb ik ook een lijst verzameld van oorlogen die ik persoonlijk voor spellen heel interessant vind. Daarbij heb ik ook voorkeuren wat betreft de schaal en de regels opgeschreven.[/lang_nl] [lang_de]Neben einer allgemeinen Liste von interessanten Kriegen habe ich auch eine Liste […]

Oorlogen | Kriege | Wars

[lang_nl]Deze pagina biedt een overzicht over interessante oorlogen voor historisch gaming. De overzicht is zeker niet compleet en gebaseerd op persoonlijke voorkeuren, zo staan er bijv. zeer weinig oorlogen in de middeleeuwen bij.[/lang_nl] [lang_de]Diese Seite bietet eine Übersicht über Kriege, die für historisches Gaming von Interesse sind. Die Liste erhebt […]