10mm Vietnam project

I have long been interested in the Vietnam War and gaming it, which has lead to a couple of 1/600 scale airplanes for Thud Ridge and 20mm miniatures. Space and money constraints however meant that I wasn’t fully satisfied with 20mm as scale and decided to go smaller. While 15mm […]

US forces in Vietnam

I have assembled some general information about the organisation of US forces in Vietnam. Please note that these varied greatly in the field, and companies were generally understrength, with 60 soldiers or less being no exception. US Army Rifle Company HQ (Captain, Lieutenant, 11 enlisted) 3 Rifle Platoons HQ (Lieutenant, […]


[lang_nl]Ik heb nu ook de rest van mijn SHQ LRRP soldaten af. Als inspiratie voor de Tiger Stripe camo heb ik deze site gebruikt.[/lang_nl] [lang_de]Ich habe jetzt auch meine übrigen SHQ LRRP Soldaten fertig. Als Referenz für das Tiger Stripe Tarnschema habe ich diese Seite benützt.[/lang_de] [lang_en]I have completed my […]

Mosquitoes to Wolves

The use of Forward Air Controllers is an interesting aspect of aerial and ground warfare. Mosquitoes to Wolves by G.R. Lester describes how airborne FACs matured during the Korean War. Flying the T-6, the “Mosquitoes”  directed close air support strikes and interdiction near the front line. Sadly, lessons learned in […]

Vliegtuigen! | Flugzeuge! | Aircraft!

[lang_nl]Ik heb een aantal vliegtuigen voor Wings at War – Thud Ridge af. Het zijn F-4Cs van de 8th TFW, F-105 van de 355th TFW (allebei voor Rolling Thunder 1967), F-4J van VF-96, A-7E van VA-146 en VA-147 (CVW-9, USS Constellation, 1972) en MiGs. Voor de bases heb ik de […]

Gaming aids for Thud Ridge

I have created two gaming aids for Wings at War – Thud Ridge: A record sheet in Word and Open Document format. A listing of US units suitable for playing in Thud Ridge. This 1 MB PDF lists both Air Force and Navy units for the Rolling Thunder (focusing on […]

Aircraft for Wings at War – Thud Ridge

This post lists the aircraft that can be used when playing with the Wings at War – Thud Ridge rules. I have separated the US listing for Operation Rolling Thunder and Operation Linebacker. I also distinguish between US Air Force and US Navy. US Marine Corps aircraft are not listed, […]

Wings at War – Thud Ridge

I have previously mentioned the Wings at War rules for air gaming. The free rules convinced me to order the Thud Ridge starter set from Tumbling Dice, plus a couple of extra aircraft. A mere five days later, my order arrived in the mailbox. The Vietnam rules are very similar […]

Cessna O-1 Bird Dog

[lang_nl]Ik heb een Cessna O-1 Bird Dog af. Deze werd door de USAF als Forward Air Controller (FAC) ingezet om doelen voor luchtaanvallen aan te wijzen. Vanaf 1967 werd deze rol geleidelijk door de Cessna O-2 Skymaster overgenomen. De Bird Dog was ook in gebruik bij de US Army (als […]

Helicopters of the Vietnam War 1

While helicopters were used during the Korean War, it wasn’t until the Vietnam War that their full potential was used. Observation, transport, and attack duties were fulfilled by many different models. This post tries to list the most important choppers. The Bell UH-1 Iroquois, better known as Huey, is the […]

US aircraft carriers in the Vietnam War 38

This is an overview of US aircraft carriers serving in the Vietnam war. Carriers were assigned to the western Pacific, and during each cruise spent several periods on “Yankee station” in the gulf of Tonkin. Short periods of rest were in Japan, Hong Kong, or the Philippines. While all carriers […]