History The first Volkswagen Golf was introduced in 1974 as the successor to the Beetle. It was a radical departure from the previous Volkswagen approach of air-cooled rear engines. While the Golf surely wasn’t the first front-wheel drive car (the Mini used the concept much earlier) or car with rear […]


History The E46 3 series was introduced in 1998 as successor to the E36 model. It can be considered an evolutionary upgrade of the E36, as the initial engines are revised versions of the engines offered in the E36 (M43, M52), and the interior (instrument cluster, front seats, steering wheel, […]

BMW 3 series (E46)

To me, modern BMW car history begins with the introduction of the Neue Klasse in 1962. This modern sedan, with its newly developed front-mounted engine (the famous M10) and rear-wheel drive, was a turning point for the then-struggling car and motorcycle manufacturer. Most modern BMW cars can trace their lineage […]

The BMW family tree

Een paar foto’s van de Stoomtreindagen 2016 bij de Stoomstichting Nederland. Onderdeel van het bezoek was een rit naar Gouda en terug achter 01 1075, Nederlands snelste stoomlocomotief. Dit is een van oorsprong Duitse 01.10 (de driecilinder versie van de bekende Baureihe 01 sneltreinlocomotief) met een maximum snelheid van 140 […]

Stoomtreindagen 2016