The Hot War is on!

My Hot War project has made considerable progress. US forces now consist of four M1 Abrams, two M3 Bradley, an M60A3 TTS, and several fireteams of infantry. West German forces are two Leopard 2 A4, two Marder 1 A2, a Fuchs, a MAN 7t gl, and 24 infantrymen.

Both forces have seen action, too. It was mostly my Germans during a wargaming weekend in April. Two games of Force on Force and a bigger game of Rapid Fire! Moderns ended in defeat. More recently, my Americans engaged the Russians in a scenario played with both Force on Force and Rapid Fire! Moderns with D10 modifications. The latter game went quite well for me. Armored combat in Force on Force is very deadly, and we were under the impression that these rules are better suited to infantry combat with some armor support than full-blown mechanized battles.

Cold War 20mm Modern wargaming weekend April 2012 Cold War 28-5-2012