X-Wing repaints and modifications

While the miniatures for Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing game come prepainted (well), there’s always room for improvement.

  • I’ve painted engine glow where appropriate, to make it look like those engines are actually powered up. Some people even do LED modifications on the larger ships!
  • As shown elsewhere, I converted my B-Wing to the sideways pose and gave it a Blue Squadron paint job.
  • Three of my X-Wings are painted up as Red Leader (Garven Dreis), Red 2 (Wedge Antilles) and Red 5 (Luke Skywalker). This included flattening the droid’s head on Garven’s ship to represent an R5 astromech droid.
  • I was immediately bothered by the shuttle’s flat nose. All artwork, including the pilot cards themselves, show the shuttle with a curved nose. I completely disassembled the shuttle, sanded off the paint and added some plasticard, which was then sanded to the correct shape.
  • A complete repaint of my Y-Wing. I used acetone-free nail polish remover as paint stripper, which works great without hurting the model.
  • Sideways conversion of the Rebel Aces B-Wing.