Getting started with Infinity I: Online resources

After having it on my “maybe in the future” list for years, I finally gut sucked into playing Infinity and really enjoy it. Here are a couple of online resources that can help you when starting out, but also later on.

  • Official Infinity website
  • Infinity download page: Includes the rules, army and weapon lists, the current tournament documents (season 9 as of writing of this article), the FAQ, printable markers.
  • Infinity Army: The official online army builder. Also available as Android app.
  • Infinity Wiki: Full rules reference, including the FAQ entries. A great tool that is actually quicker to search than the rules PDF files.
  • Corvus Belli forum: The new official forum. You might have to switch the language to English on the bottom.
  • Hacking Helper: Lists all hacking programs by device and target.
  • The Dice Abide: While mostly covering USAriadna and Combined Army, this blog also has a number of articles that cover some of the basic rules and principles of Infinity.
  • Infinity on 1d4chan: Basic game and faction overview and tactics articles.

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