28mm buildings for Hué

Most Vietnam wargaming focuses on fighting in the countryside, usually jungle or rice paddies. This means that there is a very limited number of buildings for sale that is suitable for Hué. But what is a suitable building? Many buildings, especially in the part south of the Perfume river, where the initial fighting by the Marines took place, are of French colonial origin. Some buildings, such as the MACV compound, were of more modern architecture. Older Vietnamese houses were of single-storey. Common for both the single-storey and the larger colonial houses is a low roof angle. Pictures of the fighting show an abundance of walls and hedgerows, which is excellent for a gaming table, as it both provides cover and forms compartments that makes a table feel bigger than it actually is.

Sarissa Precision

Sarissa sell a huge range of laser cut MDF terrain. Their Far East range has a number of houses suitable for countryside gaming tables. Other ranges also have a few buildings suitable for Hué. The North Africa/Colonial range has a number of buildings that, after some modifications (new roofs), would be suitable. The Retail/Modern range has an Ambassador’s House and matching wall/gate set that could stand in for the MACV compound. The World War Europe range has a few French looking buildings that would need some mods (removal of chimneys, lower roof angle) to fit.



4Ground are known for their pre-painted building kits. Some suitable buildings in the World at War range, such as various walls. The Rural Korean buildings might work for Vietnam, too. The somewhat Italian-looking Small Farm Building, Small House with Workshop, and Two Storey House look usable as well.There’s also a number of suitable destroyed buildings.

TT Combat

TT Combat have a few Japanese buildings in their Eastern Empires range that could be modified. The curved roofs would have to be replaced.

Black Site Studios

Black Site Studios have some French WWII buildings and Vietnamese hooches.

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