Building a Camel Trophy TRX-4M, part IV: 3D printing

While there’s a huge aftermarket for TRX-4M parts, some things aren’t available, or it’s just easier and cheaper to 3D print them. I bought a Prusa Mk. 2S six years ago, and while I don’t use it daily, this project once again showed me why I wouldn’t want to be without one.

The main sources for free 3D models (STL files) are Thingiverse and Printables. You can search them for TRX4M and TRX-4M, but other search terms such as SCX24 or crawler might also result in useful stuff. I went with the following:

  • Interior: one complaint about the stock TRX-4M is that it doesn’t come with an interior, not even as accessory. I found this easy to print interior. There’s another one on Printables which I like a bit less, but it comes with a part for covering the rear behind the seats.
  • Spare wheels: a Camel Trophy Land Rover isn’t complete without spare tires on hood/bonnet and rear door. But I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a complete set of four when I only needed two, and most options would look comically large, especially on the hood. I took this tire and scaled it to 46mm diameter and 12mm width. It came out looking quite Ok printed in black PLA. I then scaled these wheels to fit.
  • Regarding accessories, there are so many options out there. Jerry cans, Pelican cases, water jugs, and many other things. This one and this one look like an aluminium Zarges box, and there’s many types of sand ladders, too. You can even find obstacles for crawling over, but these are large prints that take quite a bit of time and filament.
  • There’s even a Camel Trophy logo. This is also useful if you need something as base plate to put a sticker on – cut off the text in your slicer software and resize to fit.

Transport boxes, jerry cans, a tool box, and water jugs:

Spare tire:


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