Gaming Projects


When X-Wing first came out, I was hesitant, mostly due to the price tag, but I’m a convert now. X-Wing is a great game, with nice miniatures, good rules, and interesting squad building possibilities. Combined with the large player base and the active tournament scene, this is currently my number one game.


I play Empire. More to come in the future!

My current historical project is the Cold War, approx. 1986. My focus is on Americans and Germans. I use the Force on Force rules with the Cold War Gone Hot expansion, and a modified version of Rapid Fire!.


I’ve been playing Battletech since 1997. Through the years I’ve built a collection of almost 100 mechs which I started repainting some time ago. I prefer the 3025/3039 era. My long-term goal is to complete and paint my collection of 3025 mechs. I haven’t played it much recently and hope that Alpha Strike will breathe new life into my interest for Battletech.


I bought my first Star Wars miniatures (25mm West End Games, not the 28mm Wizards miniatures) in the USA in 1996. The WEG rules are quite slow. I’ve with some modifications to take care of this, but will probably go with completely new rules, possibly based on the mechanisms of X-Wing. I also want to paint more miniatures and build terrain and scenery.

In the future?

I’ve got enough to do with X-Wing, Armada, Cold War, Battletech and Star Wars, but these things seem interesting, too:

  • Dead Man’s Hand in 28mm, I’ve got a US Cavalry unit.
  • 15mm Sci-Fi with Tomorrow’s War – one platoon is ready. Unfortunately, after the initial euphoria concerning Tomorrow’s War, it has become rather quiet.
  • I’m not a big fan of the Warhammer 40,000 rules, but I have done my best to resist the urge to begin a Tau army for many years now. But then, 200 points for Kill Team or a unit for Shadow War: Armageddon are a limited expenditure of time and money…
  • Skirmish in 20mm or 28mm, which unfortunately would require terrain building (not my strongest point) and suffers from a lack of players:
    • Somalia 1993 (Black Hawk Down) with Ambush Alley/Force on Force rules or Osprey Black Ops.
    • Jagged Alliance 2, still my favourite computer game.
    • As James Bond fan, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (miniatures by Artizan/Copplestone) is very interesting, possibly with the 7TV rules by Crooked Dice.
    • Infinity is played quite a bit and looks nice, but has quite complex rules.
  • Heavy Gear has become a bit more accessible with the new Kickstarter-financed plastic miniature boxes. I have sold a couple of my books but still have the important ones left, so plenty of background information available. Still one of my favourite settings.
  • Cold War at sea in 1/3000, with Shipwreck?
  • Vietnam in 6mm scale.
  • Something with airplanes?

In the end, I prefer focusing on a smaller number of games with nice scenery than doing a bit of everything that lies dormant in a closet most of the time.