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The last post about my Bundeswehr Cold War Army is 2 years old, but I’ve added some more stuff in the meantime: Panzerschnellbrücke Biber (Revell), Beobachtungspanzer M113 (Hobby Den), and a Panzermörser 120mm (Italeri conversion). Finally two M113 variants, few Cold War NATO armies can do without them. I’m currently […]


My 20mm (1/72) Bundeswehr Cold War army has reached an intermediate goal: I have finished a mixed company-sized armored force, consisting of the following: Panzerzug, 4x Leopard 2 A4 (Revell) Panzergrenadierzug, 3x Marder A2 (Revell, modified) with Elhiem infantry Panzeraufklärungszug, Leopard 1 A4 (ESCI) & Luchs (Revell) Unterstützungszug Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer Gepard […]

My Bundeswehr army

The Flugausstellung Hermeskeil in the Hunsrück mountains in western Germany has an interesting collection of mostly Cold War-era military aircraft. It consists of several indoor halls and a large outdoor area. German and British aircraft are well represented, while US Navy aircraft are absent. Among the largest aircraft are a […]

Flugausstellung Hermeskeil

In its 30+ year career with the US Air Force, the F-4 Phantom II wore several distinctive paint schemes, unlike its  Navy brothers. They started out in the same scheme, though – Gull gray and white: This scheme was still in use during the first months of the Vietnam War, […]

USAF F-4 Phantom II paint schemes

To me, the F-4 Phantom II is the greatest jet fighter, and possibly the greatest combat aircraft, ever. A development period of just a few years (compare that to current project such as the Eurofighter, F-22, or JSF) yielded an aircraft that, from its first flight in 1958, set new […]

Review: The Phantom Story