Daily Archives: 31 December 2013

My Bundeswehr army

My 20mm (1/72) Bundeswehr Cold War army has reached an intermediate goal: I have finished a mixed company-sized armored force, consisting of the following: Panzerzug, 4x Leopard 2 A4 (Revell) Panzergrenadierzug, 3x Marder A2 (Revell, modified) with Elhiem infantry Panzeraufklärungszug, Leopard 1 A4 (ESCI) & Luchs (Revell) Unterstützungszug Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer Gepard […]

The battle of Burgdorf

I recently pitted my German forces against Rutger‘s Russians. The Russian forces consisted of a full company of T-72s, a couple of BMPs, a recce platoon with two T-80s and a BRDM-3, and air defense assets. My German forces were composed of a full platoon each of Leopard 2s and […]