My Bundeswehr army (2016)

I have made slow but steady progress on my Bundeswehr army since my last summary post. This is the current order of battle:

Gemischte Kompanie

I consider the three combat platoons complete at this point. There are a couple of possible additions to the support units that I will pursue at low priority:

  • VW Ilits (S&S Models) mostly as scenery and scenario piece.
  • MAN 5t and 10t trucks (Revell, the latter is currently out of production) as fuel and munitions trucks. The former is already on my workbench.
  • Bergepanzer 2 (The Hobby Den conversion kit for Leopard 1) recovery tank.
  • Ambulance, an M113 (available from many makers) would probably be the best choice. I have decals left over from my Fuchs kit. I’ll probably try the S-Model kit and use the second M113 for building the FüFu (Führungs- und Funkpanzer = Command & Communications tank).
  • For scenarios, other soft-skins might come in handy. S&S make the 1.5t and 2t Unimogs. They now have a six-wheel Mercedes truck that, as far as I know, was never used by the Bundeswehr, but it hopefully means that the very common DB 1017 5t truck is a step closer.
  • I recently found out about PJ Production, who make the VW T3 Doka (dual cab pickup). Probably  the most important vehicle in a Bundeswehr company, since the company sergeant used it to bring food to the soldiers in the field.
  • Revell announced the M109G howitzer, which is due in September 2017. I might get one as scenario piece.

I have found two interesting websites about tanks with lots of background information:

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