PanOceania miniatures

These are the PanOceania miniatures I have finished so far. I started out with the Operation Icestorm and Beyond Icestorm sets, and then added more miniatures. I decided to stick to the “official” paint scheme, as blue is my favourite color! I have plenty more waiting to be painted, next […]

Battletech goes green

I finally managed to get a company of Battlemechs in a new green paint scheme finished. The base color is Vallejo Medium Olive, highlighted with Olive Green and Golden Olive. I plan on repainting most of my non-Kurita ‘Mechs in this scheme, since the bright green looks much beter on […]

X-Wing repaints and modifications

While the miniatures for Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing game come prepainted (well), there’s always room for improvement. I’ve painted engine glow where appropriate, to make it look like those engines are actually powered up. Some people even do LED modifications on the larger ships! As shown elsewhere, I converted my […]


No German Cold War army is complete without a Panzerabwehrhubschrauber 1 for some air support. While Revell had offerings in 1/32 and 1/48 scale, the only 1/72 kit of the MBB Bo 105 is by Airfix and long out of production. Luckily, I managed to find one on ebay, complete […]

B-Wing modified

The only must-have ship in wave 3 of FFG’s X-Wing game was, to me, the B-Wing. I ordered one as soon as it was available, and it’s a cool-looking miniature and a nice addition to my Rebel fleet. I didn’t like the upright pose, though (the B-Wing is usually displayed […]

The Hot War is on!

My Hot War project has made considerable progress. US forces now consist of four M1 Abrams, two M3 Bradley, an M60A3 TTS, and several fireteams of infantry. West German forces are two Leopard 2 A4, two Marder 1 A2, a Fuchs, a MAN 7t gl, and 24 infantrymen. Both forces […]

Mech painting tutorial

This is a tutorial illustrating how I paint my mechs. The first step is cleaning flash and moldlines off the miniature and basing it. I use bases made from airdrying modelling clay (Faber Efaplast Classic). An alternative that needs baking in the oven is Fimo. Applying primer is the second […]

More Vietnam

My 10mm Vietnam project is partly completed – all troops are painted. Terrain consists of a few hooches, some terrain features by TimeCast Models, and some home-made trees. Two test games using the Ambush Valley rules for Force on Force showed that 10mm works great for skirmish gaming. Future additions […]

Meer van alles | Mehr von allem | More of everything

[lang_nl]Ook dit keer heb ik weer een mengelmoes van verschillende miniaturen te presenteren: Warhammer, Thunderbolt en Archer voor de Arkab Legion Black Knight, Rommel/Patton en Striker in Hinterhalt camouflage Rommel/Patton en Striker in het groen Chameleon Heavy Gear Imperial Navy Troopers met Heavy Repeating Blaster Twee 1/6000 schepen: Essex class […]


[lang_nl]Ik heb nu ook de rest van mijn SHQ LRRP soldaten af. Als inspiratie voor de Tiger Stripe camo heb ik deze site gebruikt.[/lang_nl] [lang_de]Ich habe jetzt auch meine übrigen SHQ LRRP Soldaten fertig. Als Referenz für das Tiger Stripe Tarnschema habe ich diese Seite benützt.[/lang_de] [lang_en]I have completed my […]